The James Advantage


Mike James has been actively involved in the concrete flatwork industry for over 20 years, with a team of employees that are equally experienced. We provide onsite project management and supervision.


James Concrete employees are hardworking, professional and dedicated. We provide all of your interior and exterior flatwork needs, whether it’s residential, agricultural, commercial or decorative.


James Concrete provides the same quality concrete and service on every project.

  • 4000 PSI Concrete
  • Exterior concrete is air-entrained to help with freeze and thaw
  • Interior concrete is non air-entrained
  • #4 Rebar at 3ft on centers on all floor
  • Sawing control joints
  • All subgrade is compacted
  • Soft cut sawing is used to cut all floors to prevent cracking
  • Concrete is placed with magic screeds to eliminate air pockets and create a stronger floor
  • Foam expansion is used wherever concrete comes in contact with other concrete
  • Quality work is completed in a timely and professional manner

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